Joel Corley is a Borosilicate glass blower, who solidifies the fascination of paradise into glass to share with everyone. Combining scientific functionality with artistic interpretation of Hawaii’s natural beauty. Joel creates each piece by hand, himself. Joel learned the basics concepts of melting glass in 2007, progressing to a full time occupation in 2009.

He moved from Colorado to Big Island in 2011, where he opened House of Fire Art Gallery in January 2015 until December 2020. Joel has been spending his time blowing glass in Colorado and traveling doing shows. “I love being alive and I believe my art is evidence of that,” Joel stated.

Joel has worked with some of the top artist, including Joe Peters, Phil Seigel, Steve Sizelove, Crunklestein, Milon Townsend and many more. Joel has a variety of work available with numerous galleries throughout the world. Check in with his social media to find out if you can find one of his pieces in a gallery near you. No matter what obstacles come his way he continues to pursue his dream of being one of the most well known borosilicate artist the world will ever know.